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Thread: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

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    Exclamation DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    Drum Accessories
    Brought to you by, the leader in T-shirts, gifts and unique accessories for drummers.

    Drum Dial - Drums Tuning

    Drum Dial - Drum Tuner - Tuning your drums has never been easier than with the revolutionary Drum Dial Drum Tuner! This compact drum accessory is more precise than other tuners because it measures the tympanic pressure directly from the drumhead rather than the torque of the tension rod (which can be inaccurate due to thread wear and differences in screw tolerance). Features on this handy piece of drum gear include: the Edge Guide which places the tuner 3/4" from the rim for perfect tuning every time; a locking bezel with moveable locators for easy marking of the tuning range; and a heavy weight base for "Superior Accuracy". Great for students, teachers, professionals, and sound techs alike! Tune your drums quickly, easily, and more consistently than ever with the Drum Dial! Approx. 4" x 2.25".

    "The DrumDial is a great little tool which can make any drummer's life easier. It is indispensable for quickly tuning up a drum or drumset. I carry it with me on all of my travels and for all of my gigs" - Peter Erskine

    Click to purchase the Drum Dial

    Cool Drummer T-shirts and Drum Accessories!
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    Default Wuhan 10" Splash Cymbal

    Wuhan 10" Splash Cymbal - Looking for a high-quality, affordable splash cymbal for your drumset? Then look no further than this Wuhan 10" Splash Cymbal! Thinner than most other models, this splash cymbal produces a quick, bright sound that's perfect for accentuating beats or drumfills. Backed by a one year guarantee! Hand crafted. Made in China.

    Order this Wuhan 10" Splash Cymbal Here

    You don't always have to spend money on high-end cymbals or more recognizable brands like Zildjian, Sabian or Meinl. Wuhan cymbals have staked their claim in the affordable market, especially with their effects cymbals. Learn about how to get drumbum coupon codes.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default QUICK Cymbal Fastener


    QUICK Cymbal Fastener - Easy ON and OFF! This quick-release cymbal fastener will save you loads of time. Just push in the little button on the side and your cymbals slide right off. (The same for putting it back on.) One of the most innovative and practical drum accessories to ever hit the market. All drummers will appreciate this cool, time saving device. / Size 8mm (Fits most major brand cymbal stands including Pearl, Tama (Swingstar), D.W., Gibraltar, Mapex, Midco, Pacific, Peace, Peavey, Premier, Sunlight, Tamburo, & Yamaha).

    Order this QUICK Cymbal Fastener Here

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    Default MoonGel Damper Pad

    MoonGel Damper Pad - Of all the drum gear designed to make a drummer's world a bit easier, this cool drum accessory, takes the cake. The world's most highly acclaimed resonance control device ever designed, is effective, simple and versatile. When only the most effective means of controlling a percussion instrument's sound will do, percussionists turn to the Moongel Damper Pad. The self-adhesive gel sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals, and most percussion instruments. The possibilities are endless, by simply moving the damper pad around the surface, you can eliminate any unwanted resonance, and obtain the exact sound the situation demands.The damper pad is washable and will retain its stickiness for years of service. The Moongel Damper Pad is made from a soft non-toxic gel, and is packaged in a durable plastic container. Drummers and sound studios around the world utilize this award-winning product. The Moongel Damper Pad can be cut to any desirable size for those situations that call for a minimum amount of damping. For maximum resonance control place one damper pad at 12 o'clock or 6 o'clock, and a second damper pad at 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock. - Find at Drum Bum, the most unique gift and drum accessories store for drummers.

    Order this MoonGel Damper Pad Here

    Our new "Helping Hands" drum mufflers! - Finally, a smart and easy way to rid your drum of ringing and overtones with the Helping Hands Drum Mufflers! These small and portable vinyl hands are readily available for your drum gigs or sudden performances. Each pack of 4 has 1 each of Green, Orange, Blue, and Red.

    Order Helping Hands Drum Mufflers Here

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    Default Multi Clamp for Drums

    Multi Clamp for Drums - As far as drum gear goes, this is one of the handiest accessories a drummer can own. It will link two different drum parts together with ease whether it be cymbal stands, hi hat stands, splash cymbals or cowbells. Hundreds of uses for drumset and percussion! Quality clamp with practical hinging mechanism.

    Order this Multi Clamp for Drums Here

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    Default Drumset Low Torque Tuning Wrench

    Drumset Low Torque Tuning Wrench - Take all of the hard work out of tuning and tightening your drumset with this Low Torque Tuning Wrench. It's a handy, little drumset accessory that functions as a two-directional ratchet-like tuning key that offers drummers a faster tuning alternative. It takes the chore out of changing drumheads and saves valuable time. A top quality ratchet-style tuning key from Pro-Mark, a leading manufacturer of drum sticks and drum accessories. Rubber handle for better grip. Approx. 4" L.

    Order the Drumset Low Torque Tuning Wrench Here

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    Default Double Bass Drum Pedal

    Double Bass Drum Pedal - Looking for a durable double bass pedal at an affordable price? Check out this Percussion Plus pedal featuring smooth action and a chain drive center shaft. Fully adjustable double pedal designed for use with a single bass drum. Pound those drums with double bass like the best double pedal players out there.

    Order this Double Bass Drum Pedal Here

    Cool Drummer T-shirts and Drum Accessories!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Drumset Throne / Drum Seat

    Drumset Throne / Drum Seat - A quality Drum Throne (or drum seat) that is designed to accompany any full size drum set. This seat is double braced and has a 12 x 2" padded seat. Adjustable from 17.5" to 22.25". This drum stool is sensibly priced for the drummer looking for the right mix of quality and affordability in a throne.

    Order this Drumset Throne / Drum Seat Here

    Compare to other more expensive drum stools on the market.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Cowbell Holder for Bass Drum

    Cowbell Holder for Bass Drum - This Cowbell Holder attaches to your bass drum prodiving an easy way to add a cowbell to your drums set-up. Its fully adjustable by raising or lowering the clamp that holds the cowbell along the 6" post. The non-marring clamp at the bottom securely attaches to the hoop of the bass drum. Made of metal. Cowbell not included.

    Order this Cowbell Holder for Bass Drums Here

    More Cowbell!

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Pro Caddy Rax Drink Holder

    Pro Caddy Rax Drink Holder - Keep your cool, refreshing beverages within reach with this nifty Pro Caddy Rax Drink Holder! The Pro Caddy Rax attaches to most light weight and medium cymbal or mic stands to keep your bottle or can secure. No more spilling your drink! Most any regular sized bottle or can will easily slip into the drink holder! It makes a great gift item for yourself or even other musicians in your band. Keep your drink close and easy to get to during your performance or practice with this awesome Pro Caddy Rax Drink Holder! Regular size version.

    Order this Pro Caddy Rax Drink Holder Here

    If you need a drink holder, this is it! Simple and practical. A great addition to any drumkit.

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    Default Vater DrumSticks Holder


    Vater Drumsticks Holder - This multi drumsticks holder features a unique clamp-style fastener that bolts down so that it is "secure" when you play. Infinite angle adjustment and heavy metal construction make this one of the most durable and practical drumstick holders on the market.

    Order this Vater DrumSticks Holder Here

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default DRUM BUM "Drum Key" Keychain

    DRUM BUM "Drum Key" Keychain - Drummers, don't lose that drum key again! This handy little keychain holds the drum key firmly in place where it's always accessible to tune your drums. Thick leather and heavy duty steel ring. Drum key included.

    Order this DRUM BUM "Drum Key" Keychain Here

    A popular product at Drum Bum and a great, affordable gift idea for birthdays, Christmas and more!

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    Default Clip-on Fans for Musicians

    Clip on Fans for Musicians - Cool off with this deluxe clip-on fan! Attach it to your drums (then it's officially a drum fan!), cymbal stand, mic stand or keyboard stand. A must have for any musician. It offers two speeds with a slide switch control. Plastic clamp lets you position it anywhere on the drums. VERY QUIET. Saftey grill. White. Made of sturdy plastic. Approx. 6". Drummers...get a drum fan for your drums. Guitar Players, Keyboard Players...clip this portable fan on your mic stand. Get them while your hot!

    Order this Clip-on Fans for Musicians Here

    Don't pay a lot of money for expensive drummer fans. All you need is an clip-on fan that mounts right up next to you. It's in reach if you need to shut it off and it won't take up much room in your gig bag. A small drummer fan is a valuable piece of drum gear at an affordable price!

    Cool Drummer T-shirts and Drum Accessories!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Drum Rug / Pad

    Drum Rug / Pad - This Drum Rug / Pad is a sure fire way to stop your drum set from moving around while you're banging away at your drums. This professionally quality drum set rug is manufactured from a heavy-duty polypropylene material and features a non-skid rubber trim to prevent the pad from creeping. Rug also comes with a covered wood barrier that holds the bass drum in places and finished weighted corners. A free nylon carrying case is included with the drum rug to make it easy to take along to gigs. Never have to worry about sliding drum sets again. Buy the Drum Rug today! Approx. 5.5' x 4.5'.

    Order this Drum Rug / Pad Here

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    Skull Slick Nut - Add some attitude to your drumset with the Skull Slick Nut! This quick-release cymbal fastener will save you loads of time while making your drumset look awesome. The Skull Slick Nut easily slides on and off the cymbal rod with just push of a button! This quick release cymbal fastener also features an anti-theft device. The slick nut vastly reduces your set up and teardown times. It has easy tension adjustment and works with any size cymbal. All drummers will appreciate this cool, time saving device. / Size 8mm (Fits most major brand cymbal stands including Pearl, Tama (Swingstar), D.W., Gibraltar, Mapex, Midco, Pacific, Peace, Peavey, Premier, Sunlight, Tamburo, & Yamaha).

    Order this Skull Slick Nut Here

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    Sex Wax For Drummers - We've all seen this popular surfboard wax for years. Well, now they've made some for drummers! Manufactured by the popular Mr. Zogs, this wax helps provide that steady grip required for drumming. Just apply directly to your drumsticks and with no drying time you are able to drum away immediately. Excellent substitute for tape and gloves. No sticky residue. Will not stain hands or clothes. Approx. .75 grams.

    Order this Sex Wax for Drummers Here

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    Twin Effect Bass Drum Pedal - This Twin Effect Bass Drum Pedal will revolutionize the way you drum! Using innovative technology, it is a single drum pedal that allows you to do all the work of a double bass drum pedal. The heel-to-toe method is used to control both beaters with just one foot. The dual action design allows you to play drum patterns never imaginable with a single pedal before. Your heel moves the left beater and your toes move the right. The bass drum pedal features a double chain and dual spring construction. Also, this unique Twin Effect Bass Drum Pedal saves space and is easier to transport. Add another dimension to your drumming today!

    Order this Twin Effect Bass Drum Pedal Here

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    Factory Metal Cymbal Wing Nuts - These stylish Factory Metal Cymbal Wing Nuts cymbal toppers are just too cool for words! Get rid of your plain steel wing nuts and rock out these awesome cymbal toppers. The iron cross shaped cymbal nuts will add "STYLE" to your drumset and will have everyone talking! Thick, durable construction. 8 mm thread size made to fit most standard drumset models including Pearl, Tama, DW, Gibraltor, Gretsch, Sonor, Mapex, Ludwig, Sound Percussion and more. Comes in a set of 2 wing nuts.

    Order these Factory Metal Cymbal Wing Nuts Here

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default The Grombal Cymbal Protector

    The Grombal - Now you can set up fast! The Grombal is an innovative way to mount your cymbals to help protect them from the normal wear and tear of drumming. It's durable and works by reducing the contact area on the top of your cymbal while the large base provides isolation from felts or bare washer support. It also decreases the shoulder diameter which creates longer sustain. The one piece flexible design presses into the cymbal's center hole and stays put. The Grombal's low total profile allows you to stack your cymbals in your cases. For drummers and drum techs alike, now there's a simple way to mount and protect your cymbals with fewer loose parts. Available in three colors: Black; Yellow; and Red. Made in the USA. Approx. 1.5" in diameter x 0.5" H. Pack of 5 Grombals.

    The Grombal is one of those drum accessories that drummers often overlook. Still somewhat of an industry secret if you will. It's extremely helpful in the control of your cymbals and installs easily. Try one today!

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    Default New Mic Holders for Drums! - Drumset / Congas, etc.


    Mic Holders for Drum Sets and Hand Drums. These mic holders eliminate the need for mic stands or bulky claw attachments to mic your drumkit. They are compact and can be left semi-permanently attached to your hardware. This also means less need for floor space and less clutter around your kit. Available in four different styles for use on Tom Toms, Snare Drum or Cymbals, Hi-Hats, and Hand Drums like Congas or Bongos.

    Features Include:

    • Compact / Easy Storage
    • Shock-Mounted / Anti-Vibration
    • Less "Set-Up / Breakdown" Time
    • Streamline Appearance on Stage
    • Accomodates All Mic Types
    • Chrome Over Steel Construction
    • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Buy these awesome mic holders for your drums!

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    iPod Drumset Mount
    This iPod MP3 Stand Mount allows you to mount your iPod or MP3 player to any stand. Fits tube diameters 5/8" to 1-5/8". The 9" gooseneck allows you to get it in the perfect position so you never have to worry about your MP3 player being out of reach. Features a fully padded adjustable MP3 mount with position lock and back-up security tether. An ipod mount is a great gift for any drummer. Made from nylon. Approx. 13" L. MP3 Player mount approx. 2.5" x 4". Fits most standard sized MP3 players. Stand and iPod not included.

    Order an iPod Drumset Mount for your drumset!

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    The Kickport bass drum port is one piece of drum gear that revolutionized the industry. Name drummers fell in line to install and endorse this powerhouse product and the rest of the drumming community followed. Once installed, there is a noticeable improvement in your bass drum sound.

    KickPort Bass Drum Insert
    Get more kick out of your kick with the KickPort Bass Drum Insert! This innovative drum set accessory gets more low end sound out of your bass drum. For years drummers have been stuffing pillows, blankets, foam and other materials to provide dampening with the objective of achieving better definition and punch. In doing so, the natural resonance of the drum is sacrificed in two ways: One, anything coming in contact with the shell chokes the tone, and two, the internal dampening materials reduce the resonant space. The KickPort Drum Insert is designed to enhance the sound of your drum by doing three things simultaneously: it ports the kick drum in the same manner of a bass reflex speaker cabinet which boosts low frequencies; it adds ideal dampening directly to the resonant head which allows you to remove most if not all of the internal materials thus reclaiming all of the natural resonance and tone of your drum; and it focuses the air as it exits the kick drum and this compression increases punch. The overall result is that the KickPort provides more lows, more tone, better definition and more punch in varying acoustical environments. Additionally these are benefits the drummer can feel behind the kit.

    The Kick Port Drum Insert is sized for a 5 to 5.5" hole in your resonant drum head. The recommended size is a 5.25" hole because it is easy to install and remove the Kick Port. It also comes with a reinforcement ring around hole which makes installation simple as you just stick the ring on your resonant drum head and cut the hole for the Kick Port inside the ring. It is recommended that the hole be "off center." The Kick Port is endorsed by many famous drummers such as Dennis Chambers, John Blackwell, Outkast’s Tuesday, Denny Seiwell, and more! Finally, you can easily add the low end boom to your bass drum sounds that you've been searching how to do for years. Available in either Black or White.

    Order your Kick Port Bass Drum Insert today!

    The list of endorsers continues to grow including such famous drummers as Kenny Aronoff, Greg Bissonette, Keith Carlock, Thomas Lang, Aaron Spears, and more.

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    Drummer's Wrench Multi-Tool
    - No drummer should be without this handy accessory! The Drummer's Wrench is the perfect tool for the busy drummer. This 8 in 1 multi-tool features a variety of useful tools that are always needed - 3/4" adjustable box wrench, 2" knife blade, Philips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, bottle opener and scissors. What makes the Drummer's Wrench really valuable is the eighth tool - a full drum key! The slim, stainless steel design and rubber grip make it easy to use and features a convenient belt holster. Includes a limited one year warranty.

    Order a Drummer's Wrench today! Don't miss the newest drummer wrench on the market. It's hot!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    This is one of our favorite drum accessories! For you drummers out there who have endured the horrible experience of having your bass drum or hi-hat stand slide away while you're playing (EVEN when using a rug), there’s finally a solution! The Trapstrap is here for your “groove security!” No more resorting to messy duct tape, knotty ropes or other drastic measures. The Trapstrap is easy, lightweight, and so compact it fits right in the pocket of your stick bag!

    Order a Drummer's Trapstrap today!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: DRUM ACCESSORIES: Accessories for Drummers and Drum Sets

    Gorilla Snot

    - IT'S BACK! Gorilla Snot, the incredible drummer's rosin, is now back at Drum Bum. You no longer have to worry about those drumsticks flying out of your hands. Simply apply some Gorilla Snot. Ok, it's not really snot. It's just a cool name for a cool product. Order Gorilla Snot today!

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers
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