Hi. I live in an apartment.
I already play with volume lowering pads. Remo mesh on kick drum. An R Tom volume lowering snare. And Arborea (an Asian brand I think) Low Volume Hi hat. So I have reduced the volume a bit.

Yet got an anonymous note from my neighbour complaining . So I can't fix the problem in a targeted way as I don't know which apartment they're in. eg. I'd get a professionally sealed door if its the apartment across from me. Something else if its people above me etc. I have some DIY door seal in the practice room. I close all doors & windows.

Anyway, as a compromise I thought of giving the complainer noise cancelling headphones to wear when I practice. But I don't know if they block drumming noise. Does anyone here know if NC headphones block drumming noise? If they do and aren't complicated to use, I'd get them for the person complaining (if they let me know who they are). Willing to spend up to a couple of hundred $ or a bit more if they work.
I thought it might be a way to save money on more expensive soundproofing solutions in the practice space.