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    Question drum sites

    ive been wanting to get music so i can start playing but i dont know any any. i got better i can only play walk this way from areosmith but i want to know more

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    I suppose you're referring to tabs? You can look around here...

    Your best bet is to use your ears and just play along with the songs. You'll pick it up faster that way, and more naturally.
    Later, when you get reading down, you can transcribe.
    - Tom

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    If you mean good drummers and musicians, hang around here and ask people who they enjoy listening to. The general consensus is that you can't go wrong with Buddy Rich, John Bonham or Danny Carey...those are three drummers I've seen around here who have always been cited as great musicians and influences. But if you're just starting, what they can play and what you can play may be at odds. So, it's best to learn with some easy stuff. Check out Chad Smith, because his style is playing the drums in an organic and groovy way in a rock music setting. If you want technique, check out some of the fast pop punk drummers like Tre Cool and Travis Barker; they won't win points for creativity (well, Barker might) but for speed, and therefore technique, learning from them early on will be helpful. And listen to Dave Grohl for pure power and attack. If you can play Scentless Apprentice, you're doing fine. Then maybe try and move onto the three drummers above once you've worked out what kind of style you want. (this is kind of how I got to John Bonham anyway...I never drummed from a metal or jazz perspective, just groovy funk punk stuff, so I can't help if you want to know easy metal drummers, although if you give Lars Ulrich a shot you can't go wrong with that).
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    do you possibly mean play along dvd's/cd's?

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    Default Re: drum sites or google drum sheet music.

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