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    Default tempo problem

    how can i prevent myself from dragging while i'm practicing with my band? i don't have a metronome. are there any ways to do this without one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by minibd45
    how can i prevent myself from dragging while i'm practicing with my band?
    Buy one of these --> Or you can have the whole band rehearse with a click track (they usually don't want to).

    Also, I suggest investing in a metronome and start practicing with it religiously. It will help perfect your time. The whole band should practice with one on a regular basis.

    Welcome to the group Minibd45. I hope you'll be a regular contributing member. There are a lot of good folks in here.
    - Tom

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    If you can't afford a metronmone, try this out:

    It works really well and is very easy to use!
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