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    Bongobro .... I was looking all around the house for a wooden box that I could use. Then I saw the PERFECT box on my wifes computer table and I said "whats this?" She said.. oh..I've been saving it for years to do something special with it - she jsut didn't know what. I said. let me borrow it for a while .. I just need to put one little hole in the side . .the rest is history. Our Godson who sells wine in Europe brought it over a few years ago.. I drank the wine long ago - it was really smooth. I like the "art of assemble" phrase on the top Thanks for the info!

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    hey guys...im feeling this thread. Ive been in and out for a while and see a lot of new faces here! A LOT of new faces. Anyway I'm a big fan of cajon. I use mine in accustic sets and for adding a new dimension to worship. I have a couple of different cajons all of which i have built. the one i use most often has an internal mic that allows me to plug straight in no DI box needed. just xlr to the snake, board or whatever and play. I'm loving it.

    bongo bro...looks like you passed me over for a commercial box lol . No hard feelings buddy. Hope this finds you doing well.

    couple of pics of my live cajon


    this one I built for a friend

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