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Thread: TAMA 1st Chair HT530 Wide Rider Drum Throne

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    Cool TAMA 1st Chair HT530 Wide Rider Drum Throne

    Let's face it, we drummers do a lot of sittin' down on the job. That's a given if you're a kit player, but, unless you're a timbalero or a tumbadero (aka conguero) who always plays standing up, you hand drummers do a lot of sittin' as well as slappin'.

    When I started playing percussion in our my church's guitar ensemble six years ago, I thought, "no problem! I'll swipe the throne from my home drum kit." That worked...up to a anyone whose legs have gone numb after a major rehearsal or a gig. (Other parts of a guy's anatomy go numb, too, but this is a G-rated review.)

    The TAMA 1st Chair HT530 Wide Rider Drum Throne is the answer to my problem! As the name implies, the motorcycle-style seat is WIDE...nearly 17" wide at its widest part and some 15" front to back. That's more than enough to accommodate this reviewer's own wide seat! Up to 4 1/2" of contoured foam padding, covered by some very cool-looking heavy leather-grained vinyl, makes it a very comfortable place to sit whether you're rockin' the kit or bangin' the bongos. Speaking of cool, there's a red-and-white pin-stripe design embroidered on the back of the seat, surrounding the TAMA name. Too bad you don't see it unless you're hovering right behind the drummer (not recommended! ) A contoured, slot-like depression at the front of the seat helps you keep the beat goin' through a long gig without strain or numbness in the central business district.

    Like most 1st Chair thrones, the HT530 features a rotary knob and screw-type seat post which enables you to spin the seat to just the right height whether you're a short dude like me (5' 4") or as tall as you care to get. It took me only a couple of minutes to get it to fit my ol' black CP congas and my Meinl bongos at a recent Weight Watchers meeting at which I played percussion for a well-known Elvis impersonator... and, if you wish, you can lock the throne in that position forever (which most dedicated drummers do anyway).

    It's heavy for its size (close to 30 pounds), but this is one throne that's not going to fold up or collapse on you at the wrong moment. It held all 246.8 pounds of me (WW weight that day) without a protest! The double-barred tripod base sets up or comes down in seconds. Set-up out of the box is a snap if you have an adjustable wrench.

    The list price on the HT530 is $199; I got it for $139 through my friendly drum teacher/buddy's store, so the price is negotiable. Watch for it on sale. Even at list price, however, the TAMA 1st Chair HT530 is a good choice if you want a straightforward, comfortable contoured throne that's ready to rock as hard as you!

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    Default Re: TAMA 1st Chair HT530 Wide Rider Drum Throne

    Thanks for the Review BB! Ya got to be comfortable doing what you love to do!!!

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    Default Re: TAMA 1st Chair HT530 Wide Rider Drum Throne

    Congrats on the new throne BB!

    I have a Tama throne that is very similar to the one that you got, and I absolutely love my throne. Enjoy it bro.!
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    Yeah Bongo...great review. I have a Roc-N-Soc and appreciate it's heavy weight and stability. However, I have noticed that the locking nut does not remain locked in place and that the seat invariably lowers as I continually get on and off off it. The curious sort that I am, does anyone else have the same or similar problem with their drum throne?
    There's a lot to be said for Time Honored tradition and value.

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    I also have the Tama HT530 throne i bought this past May. It's a super nice throne and it does hold-up my 200 pound frame nicely. The only very small issue I have with mine is that the tension screws on the bottom of the seat keep loosening a bit which creates a wobble when sitting on it. I usually have to give it a finger tighten every day or two, since I like it loose enough to be able to have the seat swivel. If I tighten it too tight it will stay tight but will not rotate, which defeats its purpose for me.

    The other thing I did was to buy another seat for the top of the frame. Sometimes the back of my kit is tight between a rock and a hard place which limits moveability and a lot of times I might have to straddle the throne to sit. The bicycle seat makes this a bit more difficult because of the two floor toms I use, so I purchased a Tama HTS 4N seat that fits the Tama 1st Chair frame. The only difference is that the 4N is a round seat instead of the bicycle design.

    I also own a Roc N Soc hydraulic throne and a Pearl throne. The Pearl throne is many years old, but still does what it was bought to do, very rugged. My Roc N Soc is probably the most comfortable of the three and being hydraulic, is very easy to quickly adjust.


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