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Thread: Mapex Drums Discussion

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    Alright alright alright! It's good to be back! I used to be a regular on this forum but haven't posted in over six years. At any rate, I just acquired a set of Saturn III's(see picture). I've been wanting a Saturn kit for ages. I stripped them down this weekend, polished them up and reassembled last night. Now I'm wondering what batter heads to throw on them. They have the stock clear Emperors that came with them but I wanted to check and see if there's a 'secret sauce' for these maple/walnut shells. I have a set of coated Emperors here but I could also grab a set of clear G2s or EC2's at the shop tomorrow. Would love to hear everyone's input! Again, it's GREAT to be back.IMG_20200518_080114_01.jpg
    DW Performance(white marine): 8x7/10x8/12x9/16x14/22x18
    Mapex Saturn III(transparent walnut): 10x8/12x9/16x16/22x18/14x5.5

    Pork Pie 14x7 Cherry/Bubinga
    Pork Pie 14x6.5 Big Black Bob
    Mapex Saturn 14x5.5 Maple/Walnut
    Homemade 14x5.5 Maple(10 ply Keller)

    14" AA regular hats
    10" AAX splash
    16" AAX Xplosion fast crash
    18" AAX Xplosion fash crash
    16" HH thin crash
    20" HHX stage ride

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    Congrats. Nice kit. I think a clear two-ply would rock that kit.
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    Just picked up another beautiful Mapex kit Meridian Birch in Sapphire Fade. 20x18, 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 14x5.5 matching snare Absolutely unmarked.

    3DF91E42-D856-4793-AA4F-5DB673FB9284 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
    D28C6783-B1BF-4A18-B528-B4924D5431F6 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
    The Varukers.

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