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    This may be a silly question.... but what difference does a resonant head make to the sound of a drum. ye see the kit i bought... second hand) the resonant ring on one of its toms was tightened too tight and it with one of the lugs popped off!(like a bullet!) Now one of my toms is resonant less. please tell if its neccessary to replace this or would it be ok to continue playing with out a batter? i use aquarian coated skins on a sonor kit if that helps !

    THIS POST HAS BEEN EDITED!!!! anywhere it says resonant it used to be batter
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    the bottom head can make a huge difference in sound. this is what holds the air and note within the shell. without it you will not capture the characteristics of the wood. you can get a loud projecting note out of a drum without bottom heads but what you will get is more connected with the head than the drums tone. alot of people played without bottom heads thu the 70s and 80s. seeing you have a sonor kit i think you would serve it justice by putting bottom heads on and tune em up good.

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    sorry, I can't help myself......the batter head is the one you hit (i.e., "assault and battery")...the resonant head is the bottom head...the one that resonates......and definitely replace that bottom head. "open" drums lose a LOT of sound, and to me, sound generally crappy., like playing plumbing.
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    of crap,,, so i've been calling them batter heads for the last 3 months! which is strange as all the local drummers and drum shop clerks call them batters too!!
    honestly i can very much see why batter and resonant make sense. but its just because i was being told otherwise that i was mistaken thanks anyway.ireland is a strange place....!!

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