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Thread: Should I replace skins ???

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    Hey there fellow drummers,

    I've only been playing drums for about a year, and I bought a used kit to start off with. How do you guys tell if your tom skins specifally need to be replaced ?
    I am having a hard time trying to find the right tune on them. They have very little "sweet spots" and when I get them, The toms do not match. Different sound but not a nice progression.
    Before I go out and start replacing batter/resonant heads is there a clear way to tell if they are to stretched or worn ?
    Or maybe its the drums themselves. There only Peavey international series. Not great, but not terrible.
    The Kick/snare/Floor tom 1 sound really good, so I wouldn't think it's the drums.

    Thanks alot.

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    First of all, welcome to Drum Chat Kain!

    Next, if you have been plaing on the same heads for a year, then it's time to change them. Heads that wear out will go "dead" - meaning that they will lose their resonance. What is your procedure for tuning? Maybe we can help with that as well, if there is some sort of problem.
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    It depends a lot on how much of a hard-hitter you are. Take the head off and holding the unmounted head level to the ground and observe how much deflection there is in your playing zone on the head. If there is a pocket, change 'em out.

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    The basic rule of thumb is, when you can no longer tune a head to your desired sound it is time to replace them.

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