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    Quote Originally Posted by SpecialAnthony View Post
    Pics of the new B/B Red Mahogany I got a few months back:

    Being the first gig out with it, the sound guy brought to my attention an issue with the new Starclassic tom mounts- there's no good place to mount a mic! So I've been doing a little research and found Tama actually makes a little metal bracket that bolts to the mount, providing a nice little arm to mount the mic to giving optimal placement. Figured I'd share incase anyone else runs into this issue and didn't know of this option:

    Part number is MHAM10 - I'm getting a quote as I type.
    I don't care for their new mount system. If I ever buy a Star, it will be standard.

    I play:

    Drums & Hardware: Tama Imperialstar 5pc. Chad Smith Signature Snare by Pearl.

    Cymbals: Paiste PST. 14' HH, 16' Crash. Meinl. 20' Ride.

    Heads: Evans ST Dry. 14' Evans Hydraulic batter. 8', 10, 14'. Evans Black Resonant and 20' EMAD Black Onyx bass batter.

    Sticks: Vic Firth 7A, 5A, 5B. Nylon. Wood.

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    saw this....
    Tama Club Jam Mini

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    I like "pit crew" adding parts as the jam continues.

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