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Thread: need help with specific part in a song

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    Default need help with specific part in a song

    that is driving me nuts

    it starts at 6:57 or so, i think the drums are 4/4 cause i listened to the snare and it comes in like 4 3 4 3 or something, but i noticed i change the length of the measures from the beginning point, if i count by the quarters from the part before i dont get the snares that way, though it still resolves itself after 11 times or something........ i dont know if im making any sense i want someone experienced to tell me what is going on there exactly.
    thanks in advance

    the song is awesome btw but it takes a few listens to fully appreciate

    edit: is it all just a big insane polyrhythm maybe? i have no doubt the drums are 4
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    Default Re: need help with specific part in a song

    I don't have a definite answer for you. I think it might be two alternating time signatures, or maybe even three.

    Sometimes I just "feel" the beat. No matter how hard I try to count it or dissect it, the only way to play it is to feel it.
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    Default Re: need help with specific part in a song

    WOW! Never mind the Drumming. I wanna see someone dance to it!

    Seriously, after one listen I have no Idea.
    When I'm faced with something like this, It's really just a question of trial and error, "Maybe this is 3/4, OOPs, no, It's shorter than that, Try 5/8, MM could be, but if we put it with the next bar...." Etc. Also I often find working the phrasing out from the end is easier than from the beginning, because for want of a better phrase, you know where it ends, you don't know where it begins. i recently had to play, for the first time in my life, Highway to hell by AC DC. Listening forwards I couldn't work out what beat of the bar the guitar intro started on, but working it out backwards from when the drums come in it was easy.

    Something you can do is use a program like Audacity. First it will allow you to get the sound only from the track as say an MP3 file. Then isolate the specific section you are having trouble with and loop it so that it plays round and round so you can listen to it till it all makes sense. You can even slow it down without changing the pitch. It's a really useful tool, and it's free from:-



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    Default Re: need help with specific part in a song

    Good choice of song man - way to pick a song that just makes everything else seem almost ordinary - then again pick anything Danny does and that's what's bound to happen.

    At any rate - your gonna have one heck of a time trying to break it down like that my friend - about the only person who knows exactly what counts are being used are the guy who wrote it.

    At any rate it will definitely be a compound rhythm. The way I figured it - keeping a steady pattern on the hi hat for counting purposes I got the following ( i know the hi-hat has allot of trills and double strokes etc... but for counting and as a place to strat keeping it simple is the best way to go):

    Hi hat count
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Snare strikes on 3 5 8 and 12

    You could use that a as rough guide - the kick is too hard to count in there, even using e+a's and stuff. It also seems like it alternates slightly to haveing a snare strike on the 6 count on one occassion, but i'm not sure. The reason i have done it like that is because the entire pattern follows that count (in other words trying to count to any toher number doesn't fit but if you go to 12 the back to 1 it is where the pattern lies and it fits perfectly the whole wya through). I'm the first to admit i'm not the best at explaining this stuff in proper notation and stuff, but if you need some sort of way to describe it start with that and then figure out how that breaks into a 5/8 and 7/8 compound or something.
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    Default Re: need help with specific part in a song

    I think it's actually 4/4 time with the hats doing 8th notes.

    I'd have to listen more, but you can simplify the beat to the snare on 2+ and 4, and the bass drum on 1,2,3+. The bass drum is actually syncopated, but not having charted music in a long time it will take a while to figure it out.

    I'll keep trying later on when I can sit at the kit and do it.

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    Default Re: need help with specific part in a song

    exactly right! it's a cool part of the song and sick b/c of the "feel." easiest way to get through it is 8ths on the hi hat and snare on 2&, 4 (upbeat of 2, downbeat 4). wish i knew how to upload a score b/c I could transcribe it for ya and post it. once u get the 2& and 4 snare groove (8ths on the hi hat), then fill in the bass. then just do bass and snare and fill in the other parts one at a time. you'll start to "feel" it in no time. if all else fails, go back the snare and hi hat groove and try it again! good luck brotha!

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