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    Default bass setup

    When setting up the bass drum, should it be in contact with the surface on which it sits, or should it be an inch or two off of that surface???

    Thanx in advance to all that can help me out.

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    jarhead Guest

    Default to the ground you mean...yeah

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    I have my kick drum set up so the front of it is about 3/4 of an inch off the floor, and the pedal holds the back (batter) side up off the floor a helps with the resonance. if your kick drum is sitting right on the floor, the floor is going to rob some sound out of the drum.
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    Yeah, my kicker holds the batter side of the bass drum up a little of the ground and the bass stands hold the front up. You get a much better sound that way.


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    jarhead...I guess you need to raise yours up a little

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