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Thread: 1960 Vintage Pearl Royce Snare?????

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    So I have a Sabian Vault for sale on a internet classifieds ad and someone offered me a trade for a "1960 Vintage Pearl Royce snare. I've never heard of the snare before which doesn't surprise me at all but I looked up online and can't find anything. Can someone point me in the right direction???

    Feel free to request me. Just make sure you add a message with it cause I get too many from people I just don't know.

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    From what I understand, Pearl built entry level kits that were re-branded by many companies, Royce being one of them. My guess is your cymbal is worth much more then that drum.
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    I absolutely agree with RM. Royce is an entry level kit, and I've never seen one of their snares called a Pearl Royce. This person might be trying to make it sound more valuable by adding Pearl to the name, but I would bet it says Royce on the snare, not Pearl. Not what most people would consider a valuable piece, even if it's vintage.
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    The drum is crap. Tell the guy you dont like being insulted.

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