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    I Want To Build A Soundproof Room So I Can Practice After My Family Has Gone To Bed. I Want To Put It In My Basement. Is This Possible To Get It That Quiet? Any Suggestions Would Be Appreciated.

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    No Body Has Any Suggestions? Hasnt Anybody Sound Proofed A Room?

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    Hey Poker, it is nearly impossible to get it that quiet. Here are a few tips for you though: Use different layers of materials (ie. high density foam, soundboard, insulation, etc...) as the different density of each material will block more sound than just putting up one really thick layer. Owens Corning makes an insulation called Sonor that is one of the best sound rated insulations on the market.

    This is how I would build a sounproof room:

    reflectix foam
    Sonor insulation
    5/8" sheetrock
    High density foam
    egg crate foam

    The reflecix foam and soundboard would go between the studs with the insulation over the top. Sheetrock over the top, Then apply the other 3 sheets over that. It is a very expensive process to do this. A friend of mine built a recording studio this way and it is virtually silent outside. However, since you are under the house, a small amount of the sound is going to travel through the floor/ceiling into the rest of the house because everything is connected together. Use Great Stuff foam sealant to fill the gaps.

    Hope this helps a little bit!
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