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    I am thinking about getting a new Gretsch kit. the catalina rock kit has caught my eye. I am alttle concerned about the setup though. I do like to use some tom fills and wondering how the 1 up two down will affect my timing. I also wonder about the sheer size of the drums. will the 13,16,18 toms leave a high tone void. If anyone has this kit I would like to hear how you like them.

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    im playing on that exact kit at the moment actually, funny you should mention so. im used to like 3 up and 1 down, so you can imagine the change was unwelcome at first. but id have to say it sounds more lively and deep than anything. it takes some time to get used to thats for sure, and it takes a lot of stamina to move your shoulders across like that. it has its advantages, you can go lower, more room for the ride, you learn new techniques to adapt, etc. id get a kit that has the option of getting any tom size you want so you dont feel sonically limited in any way. btw, the cat club must be tuned and strained exactly right..


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