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Thread: "Hips Don't Lie" Drum Part Question

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    Since there isn't a "songs" section, I posted here. HOW would you try to re-create the drum part for Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" for use in a live band setting ? Is this a "soca" or soul-calypso beat? I was thinking of mainly playing it on hi-hat / snare / bd, but sometimes it sounds more like a latin set with no actual ride / hi-hat action going on, but more of playing all on the drums / or timbales-kinds-of-things themselves. Do you have any video links other than what I have found on youtube?


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    It doesn't matter what its called. Your job is to emulate the sound on the kit to best represent the feel. The most important beats are the "1" and "3". It's a very loud (in front of the mix) hit that leads the tune. I would play that it on a tom or have another member play it while you're playing the rest of the beat. They could also play some cowbell and congas. (Don't know if you have another player that could do this or not.)

    After that, concentrate on the "ah" of 1 and the "and" of 2 (repeated on 3 and 4). That's what drives the feel of this groove. I would put 4 on the floor (B.D.) to help drive it for dancing. You can then make up the rest over the hi hat or with ghost strokes on the snare.

    I love beats like this because there are a lot of creative ways you can play it. Let loose and have fun with it. Just make sure you've copped the feel of the tune first and foremost. Record your beat and listen to it next to the song to make sure you're getting it right.
    - Tom

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    Kick on the 1&3, brushes on your snare on the "2" "and" "3" rest and "4"

    ....1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
    sn * * * - *
    kik * - - - * - - -
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